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Welcome to the German School London

Marie-Luise Balkenhol, Headmistress

The German School in London (DSL) is one of 140 schools abroad that the Federal Republic of Germany has set up together with local school associations to promote German language and culture abroad.

We offer parents and children an academic education from Kindergarten to Abitur. In addition, pupils have been able to take the International Baccalaureate to gain a double qualification with the Abitur. The internationalisation of the leaving qualifications shows how the DSL is striving to prepare pupils for a future in a global world.

The President of the Federal Republic of Germany awarded us the seal of excellence for German schools abroad in 2011. Furthermore, we are recognised as “IB World School”.

On this website you can find more information about the DSL offers. Please do not hesitate to email us at if you have any further questions. We would like to ensure that your children’s academic development progresses as smoothly as possible.

I look forward to your visit!


Marie-Luise Balkenhol

Georg Boomgaarden

Among the German schools abroad the DSL is one of the biggest and the best - modern und forward-looking in a highly competitive field. The school not only imparts educational content through a broad range of subjects, but also provides excellent preparation for international universities and employment. Social awareness, communication and intercultural skills are enhanced by numerous extra-curricular activities and the dedicated commitment of teachers.

The DSL is the only school in Great Britain with a German curriculum and leaving qualification and is thus a cornerstone of our foreign cultural and educational policy. To that effect it receives extensive financial support, such as the subsidy of one million Euros for the renovation of Douglas House.

Moreover, the DSL is a long-standing promoter of the German language in Great Britain. There are many good reasons to learn German, as it is the most widely-spoken mother tongue in the EU, with about 101 million speakers. Knowledge of German will remain a professional competitive advantage in the future and should not be underestimated. I view the internationalisation of the leaving qualifications as an important step in the framework of bilingual and bicultural education, which will further enhance the school’s status.

Good luck to the school, its teachers and pupils and to all those who sustain and support this important establishment!

Georg Boomgaarden
German Ambassador